“How to” get what you want in health.

The answer: Do it like you truly mean it, even better do it with passion! If there’s no meaning in the movement you are enabling your body to do then there’s no sense. If there’s no sense, there’s no results. Whether your perfecting performance or just trying to loose 30 LBS you must put your all or nothing. When setting goals in health I prefer and always try to think long term- longevity. With the thought of long term your health will be trained long lived.

A fine example- with go karts (which I love) and goal is always to get the fastest lap. While doing a turn you must step the break and the pedal the same time placing your weight in the right place to perfect the turn giving your lap cut shorter.BINGO did I say GOAL.

Score, cheers, and lots of love.

Your girl C.

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